I hired Yordanka and "Specifica" studio for an interior project with author's supervision.

Starting our work on the project early, not only did it take me away from everyday life and give me a chance to dream about my future new home, but also saved me the stress of pressing deadlines. It was wonderful that she responded to every new thought I had with reasonable arguments for and against, but as a final result, she managed to find a solution or the "golden mean". The finished project, previously discussed and considered, gave me a sense of calm resulting from the fact that I knew what was being done and according to the contractors, it was extremely easy for them to work. The result is a dream home where I find peace and comfort!

For me, the most important benefit from out work was that I felt reassured because I had someone to share my concerns with, a person who knows their job and how to respond properly. Very strong support for me was also the time dedicated to visiting stores when choosing flooring, coverings and furniture. The most valuable part was her knowing manufacturers and materials, as this knowledge kept me from buying low-quality supplies and materials, and made me aware of the compromises I was making.

If I had not used their services, it would certainly have been a big headache, and most likely the house would have had disparate and possibly mismatched materials, with an outdated look, because I don't know about the innovations in the construction industry. And even more so, living in my home now, I would be bending and leaning because I would have figured that 30 or 50 cm would be enough of a distance.

I am very grateful that Yordanka was on site whenever it was necessary and she even replaced me when I was unable to accept a specific commitment.

I was definitely left with the feeling that this year we spent working on my home was dedicated only to me. Thank you for that!


If anyone has questions about my work with "Specifica" studio, they can write to me at magi1312@abv.bg or call 088879655. I will be glad to answer your questions.