As a result of working together with Yordanka Tsvetanova, I got a top interior. The interesting thing was that when I shared my design concept, she took it, revised it, and I ended up with something that definitely exceeded all my expectations. I never imagined such precision to the detail, the design of the furniture and the utilization of the space.

There were structural details that I did not imagine how they would turn out, for example in the living room – the long shelves between the column and the wall – how they could be invented without sagging. Well, it turns out there is a way, now I can sit on them without them bending or sagging.

As a result of the whole process, I got a modern, spacious and quite functional home. The team of contractors they recommended also did a great job, almost on time.

Looking back now, I can’t imagine what would have happened if I had decided to handle the repairs myself and only trust construction crews and furniture makers.

If anyone wants advice or questions about my work with Specifika, they can write to me at – I will be happy to guide and help you.