You are now an owner of a new home, congratulations! But to become the cosy home you have always wanted; you need to think about the interior. You may be one of those people who don’t associate comfort only with those invisible parts like heating in the winter or cooling in the summer, but you know that it consists of many other elements. Such is the positioning of the furniture, the colours, the lighting or generally speaking – the interior. And since today’s sources of ideas and information are endless, you must have already looked at various beautiful pictures on the Internet. But is everything applicable to your home and won’t the effect be negative if you decide to copy what you saw? You need to consider your choice well to get a truly functional, aesthetic, and comfortable home. Therefore, before you commit to whatever flooring, furniture, textiles, lighting, etc. you must consider the following:


The needs and dreams of the residents

Determine who would use the apartment – how many people, of what age and of what gender. Their interests are also important, as are the activities they engage in, and what space each one needs. You should also think about spaces that will be used to store clothing and other items.

Which is the style that inspires you?


If you belong to the traditionalists, you will probably prefer classic styles. For more originality and highlighting of your individuality, you can get inspiration from the more modern ones such as Scandinavian, vintage, provincial, etc. And maybe you will like the eclectic – a mix of styles. Choose the one that makes you feel at home.

Colour combinations


It is not an easy task to choose the right colour range in the furnishing and construction of the interior design. It is very important to observe colour proportions so harmony and expressiveness will be created. While some colours could expand the space, others create the impression of narrowing it, etc.

It has been proven that colours can influence emotional state, health, and thoughts. For more detailed information, view our short clips on interior colour matching and their influence on a person. 


Functional alignment and ergonomics

At the beginning of every interior project, it is necessary to possess a clear concept for the most functional alignment of the different rooms in a home. Even the most sophisticated designer furniture would look not to fit when it is misplaced.

When organizing the interior space, there are some basic requirements, and compliance with them is mandatory. For example, all building openings such as door-door, and door-window must be connected utilizing a running line of at least 80 cm. Such a line is also left between the furniture groups. Non-compliance with the functional requirements during the construction of the furniture may later make them inconvenient to use.

The requirements for natural and artificial lighting also play an important role, which must be tailored to the premises and the activities carried out on them. Properly adjusted light is one of the most important conditions to create comfort within the home.


The more detailed your budget is, the more useful it would be. And do not forget that your budget – in this case, is the amount you are willing to pay to enjoy the best possible result. Include in the table prices of repair works, flooring, linings, furniture, textiles, lighting, and decorations. When you allocate your finances in this way, you will more easily assess what you can afford and what your most important aspirations are.

Once you have a clear visual idea of ​​how exactly you want your dream interior to look, and once you are ready with the detailed budget, the only thing that remains is to approach an interior design studio to help you for 

advancement and realization of your idea in the best possible way.