If your life is currently at a stage where you have established yourself as a successful person, your next step will most likely involve your dream home. However, for your happiness to be complete, your home’s interior has to live up to your needs and standard.

Each new homeowner’s aspiration is for their space to be as cozy and modern as possible. But this is never as easy as it looks since our home should also reflect our individuality. There are many interior design details that, if not positioned in the right place and combined correctly with the rest, can turn out to be wrong decisions.

To ensure that your concept of ​​the dream interior and its realization are fully aligned, secure the services of an interior designer. Otherwise, you may be making one or more of the following common mistakes:

Non-functional layout of the room

When arranging a room, many people think that they will make the space feel more spacious if they simply arrange the furniture against the wall. This is not always the case, because although the center is being freed, the space feels rather empty. This also eliminates the option to define the individual areas in a more functional layout and arrange the furniture in them. It will help to make the most of the space, so that it can be used with more convenience later on. Unless a designer intervenes, the areas will most likely not be defined consistently or connected correctly. A designer will prepare 3D photorealistic renderings of each room to give you an idea of ​​how it will look.

Incorrectly positioned electrical outlets, plumbing installation, and heating vents

This is one of the most common problems. When you tell the contractor what you want, they will simply do what they’re told. However, after the furniture appears, you may find that the sockets are behind the bed or, for example, there is no outlet for LED lighting in the kitchen. Fixing such a problem could cost you 3 to 5 days, as well as substantial additional costs

Inappropriate furniture size and ergonomic requirements

When not using the services of a designer, it’s possible to omit the standard walking space of 80 cm between the furniture pieces, which is the minimum required distance to walk around comfortably. In addition, furniture groups are often misplaced. The interior designer will show you 2D drawings of the individual groups of furniture that take into account walking space.

Inconsistency in the styles of the individual interior components

The clash can be in terms of combining colors, use of furniture, textiles, etc. You might consider an item beautiful, but that does not mean that it is in harmony with the rest of the interior. Functionality is also important. Therefore, you should rely on a professional who will comply with your wishes, but also find the most accurate ratio between beautiful, stylish, and functional.

Undetermined initial budget

By using the services of an interior designer, you will avoid the risk that the amount needed for the overall layout of the home and the furniture will exceed several times the initial estimate. This could happen if you haven’t set your budget in advance, but have rather checked furniture prices and got information from friends about how much the renovation would cost you.

To prevent all of these mistakes, and potentially others, from happening to you, you have several options. One is to do everything on your own at the cost of time and effort, the second is to ask friends to help you.

There is also a third option, which is preferable, and that is to trust a professional interior studio. Use their experience and the reviews of satisfied customers as criteria for your choice, and you will not face the above-described problems. You will receive a suite of services with guidelines, you will save time, money and communication with contractors, and in return you will get the interior of your dreams.