Alex Audio Video – is a site dedicated to audiovisual technologies. You can find products and services that are useful to you and include project management and strategic planning at a high level. Our professional advice will save you the hassle and transform the daunting task of equipping with audio and video devices into a fun activity. Idea, project, implementation, support. Together with you, we chose the best solutions regardless of the equipment manufacturer. Our mission is to offer you a solution based on your needs, without limiting ourselves to mainstream ideas. We collaborate with leading architects and interior designers, while also striving to keep in close contact with the client in order to exceed expectations. This way we guarantee unique solutions for each every one.

Art Deco Moss – The mission of Art Deco Moss is to create exceptional and creative projects or decorations with focus on the GREEN, ECO-FRIENDLY and the UNIQUE by utilising exceptional technologies. Art Deco Moss’s vision relates to improving the quality of life through an original new combination of elegance and comfort; to deepen the understanding of how important it is to keep close to nature and its elements, even when we are indoors. To having an environmentally sustainable approach towards every aspect of modern life, and, finally, to giving everyone the chance to take good care of their life beyond the basic necessities. Art Deco Moss’s Advantage – always being available and flexible using the best. To ALWAYS offer outstanding customer service, be polite and accommodating.

Calsini – Silvia Georgieva created Art Interior Calsini as a place where art and interior design meet.  The studio’s philosophy originates from our understanding that “the home should suit the person it is created for”. With our special and high-quality materials you can give every project a touch of individuality that suits the personality of the owner, their own views, artistry and outlook on life. The interior is a synthesis of practical and artistic ideas and solutions, the goal of which is to improve the living conditions of the residents of buildings, achieving a complete aesthetic form, by transforming them into a place where dreams, imagination and fantasy come to life with the materials offered by us.

Invest Properties – consultants in the field of real estate, for over 15 years now we have been striving  to give our best to our clients. If you need: to sell your property at the best price possible; to have your interests protected; to receive the quality you deserve; to have transparency, integrity and full commitment to your case; to be treated the way you deserve.  You will get this from us. We will provide our services to you in a way that ensures you become our long-term client, and that you feel so satisfied with our work that you recommend us to all of your friends and family. Over 80% of our business is based on recommendations and old clients, which is indicative of our work. What makes our services stand out from those of other agencies is that we follow an innovative and highly effective property sale system, thanks to which our clients achieve the best possible deal for them.


EcoSmart – online platform for pellet fireplaces and boilers, radiators and bath radiators. We are located in Plovdiv. Our core beliefs are: everyone can have a home that is not just warm, but actually really warm; this is a 100% feasible goal; warmth is energy and passion, an inspiration. We convey this feeling and sensation to people; the truly warm home is a kind of magic, a dream and an incentive for each of one to keep moving forward

ClimaTechnic – With us you will receive the desired comfort at home or at the office, thanks to impeccably functioning and balanced systems. Long service life of air conditioners. You need a heating and cooling solution with an air conditioner or a heat pump? You need to choose the best ratio between price and quality of the air conditioning system. You want to receive. Expert consultation, professional and clean installation and the highest level of comfort. What makes our services stand out is the personal approach tailored to your needs and wishes, the elegant installation done by professionals, the extended warranty and the maintenance provided annually.

Electrosound – Electrosound Ltd. imports the Premium series of built-in appliances by AEG and ELECTROLUX. They are noted for their elegant design and functionality. We provide quick delivery of the ordered appliances and excellent customer service.

LDL Remonti Ltd. is a company which provides full and finishing repairs of homes and offices. Full repair for your home and office.

We offer a wide range of construction and repair services, and support in solving various problems in apartments, houses or business premises. The quality of our services, our positive attitude and progressive mindset geared at helping our clients are the main priorities of each member of our team.

Orion – Stylish lighting Orion’s concept of specialised lighting stores, through which construction companies, architects, designers and tradesmen from other industries can make deliveries, is also being implemented in other countries. In Bulgaria the luminaires of ORION can be purchased at the representative stores in Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv. Thanks to our individual approach to every client and the exclusive manufacturing program, we are a market leader, and the name ORION was not randomly chosen as our trademark – it is the most beautiful constellation, visible from anywhere.

VIT – What makes us the greatest is not our sales numbers, but our business attitude on the market. We have a mission! We rely on a detailed consultation by a professional to conceptualize the multitude of classes, types and sizes of mattresses. No single mattress can be deemed the best; it can only be said to be more or less suitable for your skeletal or circulatory system, your budget and your sensory preferences. We at VIT – The Mattress Market, clarify the meaning of “orthopaedic”, “anatomical” or “luxury” – terms which are often used casually and only confuse the consumer. Many of our customers admit that visiting one of our stores was what made they realize for the first time that not all mattresses are the same, and that they impact their health and quality of sleep. Because the problems you face with your mattress – whether an old or a brand new one – cannot be covered up by the sheet!

Mura Stefanova is a furniture company, officially on the market since 1991, although we actually are third-generation carpenters. We make only custom luxury doors and furniture. Out materials are of the highest quality. In case they are not available on the Bulgarian market, we sometimes import directly from abroad for a particular interior project, to make sure our clients will receive the desired outcome.

SiDeco – My name is Silvia Milusheva and I have been making candles since 2002. I make candles and paintings to order tailored to the specific interior of a room. This way my works made in a certain colour, style, decoration, scent and form, become unique. I make my candles and paintings with lots of love, I take inspiration from nature, fashion and design – they are the source of my creativity and enthusiasm. I also teach classes on candlemaking, training students in the different techniques. I get so much joy out of it and love sharing everything I know about candles. My students are the type of people who like to do manual work, have a vivid imagination, or just want to relax in a pleasant atmosphere, full of scents and romance.

Smartity – We have been creating home automation systems for more than 10 years! And we believe that our systems can offer you something different, innovative and unique. We want to show you how your day can be simpler and more fun.  To demonstrate in real time how home automation systems make your life easier and present their capabilities to you. The uniqueness of home automation systems allows everyone to create their dream home. And in order to back up this bold claim, we created our own sample, fully automated home. We would love to show it to you and make you believe it. We are confident that it will become the source of many ideas and inspiration for your own home. You will get to see not only home automation but also the newest and most technologically advanced products in this field. Allow us to convince you that our systems will offer you comfort, security, efficiency and entertainment.

Revolution Credit Consult  – We are among the best employees from leading banks in Bulgaria. With years of experience in loans, we have helped our clients bring many dreams to life and fulfil many needs. Proceeding from the premise that respect for the client is a combination of the best offer, the necessary information and advice, we decided to create Revolution Credit Consult.

Revolution Credit Consult Ltd. is a registered credit intermediary according to the Consumer Real Estate Loans Act and in accordance with the requirements of Bulgarian and European legislation. Member of the Association of the Credit Intermediaries in Bulgaria (ACIB). We specialize in giving loans to individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises. We are partners of the leading banks in Bulgaria, covering the whole range of loans on the market – consumer, mortgage and company loans.

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