Packages Maximum Extended Basic
Complete interior design
Author’s supervision
Offer for lighting, HVAC, household equipment and small appliances, decorations and overall implementation
Repair and finishing works
Design and manufacture of furniture
Complete turnkey projects

The Maximum Package

is for people, who are outside the country, and who do not have the physical ability, time and desire to attend and engage in any work on the project and its implementation. That’s why they delegate everything to us and after a few months they enter their brand new, finished home, furnished according to the project down to the last detail.

The Extended Package

is for people who are in the country, but for whom time is an extremely valuable resource. Their time is dedicated to earning money, and they can’t afford to waste it. By entrusting us with author supervision, they will be able to visit the site from time to time, see how things are going and give their opinion in a timely manner.

The Basic Package

is for people who have a high standard of living, want their dream interior and have a little more free time. They are happy to only receive the interior design project, and coordinate all further operations for its actual implementation alone.