The project is for the interior design of the first floor of a two-story house – 72 m2.

The owner’s express request was that the interior should include white colour and wood, the parquet should be diagonally arranged and there should be an interesting wine rack. We chose three-layer oak parquet for the flooring in the living room. MDF with white matt paint for the front details of the kitchen cabinets. We repeated the diagonally arranged parquet on the table top. The countertop and wine rack are made of solid wood. To attach the oak sticks to the wall, we created an interesting detail with threaded skewers and screwing, for strength and stability. Around the kitchen cabinets and in the hallway, we used stoneware tiles for flooring. In order to bring more cosiness to the corridor, we used panelling and cabinets made of MDF with oak veneer and matt lacquer. A large sliding glazed door to the living room and the other doors are flush with the panelling. On the cabinet at the entrance to the left of the entrance door, we made one of the sliding doors a floor to ceiling mirror to optically increase the space, and added a picture – a beautiful watercolour to create a good mood and a sense of lightness and airiness.

Година: 2017
Локация: Sofia, Gorna Bania quarter
Статус: Ideal Project